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What Causes Pain or Soreness of the Tongue?

Have you experienced soreness on your tongue? Perhaps there are weird bumps, too? There are many reasons that can cause the pain, discomfort or unusual texture.

The most common cause would be trauma. When you accidentally bite your tongue, it will result in swelling and soreness. Scalding will also result if you eat or drink something that’s too hot. Soreness will heal after a couple of days. It is also possible to cause tongue irritation due to clenching or grinding of the teeth.

Excessive tobacco use can irritate the sensitive tissues of the mouth, including the tongue. When soreness has caused massive discomfort, it is advisable to lay off or cut back on tobacco use for a couple of days to let the tongue recover.

Canker sores can result in pain, causing you to not enjoy your food. While the causes are not ascertained, canker sores are frequently associated with increased levels of stress.

Have you experienced a burning sensation on your tongue? Not everyone will develop this disorder, although this is a usual complaint among postmenopausal women. The sensation felt is as if their tongue has been burned.

Speaking of getting burned, if your tongue gets scorched as a result of eating or drinking something that’s too hot, the taste buds will get inflamed. The irritation can lead to swelling, resulting in the formation of painful bumps on the tongue.

Certain medical conditions can also lead to soreness or formation of bumps on the tongue. These include anemia, diabetes and oral cancer. If these symptoms don’t go away after a week or two or if you suspect these serious, potentially life-threatening conditions, it is important to consult your doctor.